Drawing Project

Primary Architecture: Drawing Project

For the past 4 years I have been working on photographs of blanket houses and forts that I am constructing. These are places that most of us have made as children, alone or with someone else, or have been invited in by others. They are sites of security, privacy, autonomy, secrets and experiments. This is where private, maybe forbidden thoughts or behaviors were tested, in an atmosphere of secrecy, both comforting and frightening, daring and shameful.

In talking to people about this it became apparent to me that we have a deep visceral connection to these places. This activity of securing sites of privacy I view as “primary architecture” and am exploring how it affects the way we shape our spaces today and the way we locate ourselves in them.

I am interested in collecting images (drawings, or photographs) of such places that you remember building and/or spending time in as a kid. The skill in drawing is not important, just put on paper what you remember of the site(s). Feel free to write on the drawing or add anything that conveys the sense of these places. If you would rather write than draw that is fine, but be brief.

I am including a piece of paper and an envelope to make it easy but you can choose any other paper as well. The work (the collection of drawings) might possibly result in a show, or in a publication.

Please note if that is problematic. Signing your name is not crucial to the project.

Thank you for participating in this ongoing “research.”

Ellen Brooks
October 2003